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Me performing at the Pig 'N Whistle.


If you've heard me, Matt Lewis or another comedian plug and you've come here expecting a comedy site, the joke's on you!  This site is more of a portal to my various interests, including standup.

If you want to keep apprised of my comedy stylings, add me on Facebook (

I have a bunch of performance videos on my YouTube page.  There are some non-comedy videos there as well, so watch your step.

Sample video years ago when I did material:

I produce and host the The Crispy Comedy Show at Universal Bar & Grill in North Hollywood.  Interested comedians should contact me for booking.

LA-area venues at which I've performed:

72 North ˇ Abbot's Habit Hollywood ˇ The Airliner ˇ Bar 13 ˇ Bar Lubitsch ˇ Barbara Morrison Performing Arts Center ˇ Beauty Bar ˇ Big Fish Bar & Grill ˇ Blue Goose Lounge ˇ Boardner's ˇ Brennan's ˇ Brewdog Pub ˇ Burbank Moose Lodge ˇ The Capri ˇ Claremont Graduate University ˇ Comedy Store ˇ Cork Lounge ˇ Dangerfield's 3 ˇ Dark Horse Lounge ˇ El Cid ˇ Em's Artist Café ˇ Fairfax Senior Center Auditorium ˇ Flappers Comedy Club ˇ Fourth Wall Comedy Café ˇ Foxfire Room ˇ Fubar ˇ HaHa Café ˇ Hollywood Billiards ˇ Hollywood Hotel ˇ Hollywood Studio Bar & Grill ˇ Hostelling International ˇ Hyperion Tavern ˇ Ice House ˇ The Improv Space ˇ Jimmy's Place ˇ The Joint ˇ Jon Lovitz Comedy Club ˇ Karma Lounge ˇ Kerckhoff Coffee House ˇ Koji's ˇ LA Pizza ˇ Liquid Zoo ˇ Los Globos ˇ Lotus Lounge ˇ Lulu's Beehive ˇ M.i.'s Westside Comedy Theater ˇ MBar Hollywood ˇ Mint Canyon Moose Lodge ˇ MODA ˇ Moore's Deli ˇ Moving Arts Theater ˇ The Other Door Bar ˇ The Palace ˇ Palms Bar ˇ Petie's Place ˇ Pig 'N Whistle ˇ Rainbow Bar & Grill ˇ Red Rock ˇ Republic of Pie ˇ Rockpaper Coffee Co. ˇ Sal's Comedy Hole ˇ Sardo's Grill & Lounge ˇ Scotland Yard Pub ˇ Smiles Nightclub ˇ The Terrace ˇ Timewarp Records ˇ Tribal Cafe ˇ Universal Bar & Grill ˇ Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre ˇ Unit A ˇ uWink ˇ Vibe Hotel ˇ Victorio's ˇ White Horse Inn Cocktail Lounge


The earlier travelogues here are mostly sizzle with occasional steak...the commentary doesn't really beef up until 2004 (as I type this I've just finished a filet mignon...sorry):

Upcoming trips:

  • Dallas (Phillies opening day), Mar 2023
  • Philadelphia, summer 2023
  • Clearwater FL (Phillies spring training), Mar 2024
  • Philadelphia (WrestleMania 40), Apr 2024
  • Philadelphia, summer 2024

Map of my places visited (49 countries, 31 US states):


My ballpark photos (new in 2022:  Citizens Bank Park, Tropicana Field)

2023 games I might be attending:

  • Phillies @ Tex, Thu Mar 30
  • Phillies @ LA, Mon May 1-Wed May 3 (one of these, probably not on my birthday itself)


Wiffleball XX took place Saturday, August 5, 2017.

Wiffleball XXI was announced for summer 2020.

How to tell me you love me:  Los Angeles (310) 362-8415 - Philadelphia (215) 754-4444 - E-mail - Facebook - Twitter